Press Releases - Brokerbility Academy Launch
1st September 14

Brokerbility launches 'genuine alternative to university'

At least 20 apprentices will start with network members this year. Network Brokerbility is trying to help members find top new staff through the launch of an 18 month apprenticeship scheme.

The Brokerbility Academy programme leads to a Chartered Insurance Institute qualification of at least Cert CII as well as offering apprentices a mentor and networking opportunities.

It said the programme would offer a “genuine alternative to university.”

Brokers have pledged to take on 20 apprentices between them since Brokerbility launched the plans to members last week.

Brokerbility will help members pick suitable candidates for interview by taking applications through a custom made website, which will launch next month.

The website will ask candidates to upload their CV and complete psychometric and verbal reasoning tests. Members will then be given support with face-to-face interview questions.

Brokerbility is also training the apprentice's mentors to understand what motivates their new recruits, to minimise programme drop outs.

The government will meet some of the training costs in its Insurance Growth Action Plan commitment. It offers the greatest amount of financial support to 16 to 19 year olds.

The scheme was devised by Brokerbility Operations Manager Sue Dexter and Susan Reeves, HR Director at member Alan & Thomas, when the Bournemouth-based broker had difficulty recruiting good candidates.

Group Director David McCallum said: “With the UK experiencing a severe skills shortage, it's important that Brokerbility and the insurance profession reach out to those talented people who may not have considered a career in insurance or want to advance their career.”

CII Chief Executive Sandy Scott said: “Brokerbility is leading the way in its absolute commitment to developing the insurance profession for all. The Brokerbility Academy with its innovative recruitment capabilities and accredited apprenticeship programme at its core is unique within the insurance industry.”

Brokerbility unveils academy to “promote professionalism”

Network describes Brokerbility Academy as a “genuine alternative” to university.

Brokerbility has launched an academy in a bid to “promote career opportunities and professionalism” in the industry.

The Brokerbility Academy contains a Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Accredited Apprenticeship programme.

Students will be "handpicked" from across the UK and will look to graduate after 15-18 months.

The network said it had teamed up with CII-accredited learning provider BPP Professional Apprenticeship.

The organisation will provide practical training and knowledge, entailing live and recorded sessions as well as face-to-face coaching and mentoring.

And on completion, each apprentice will be professionally qualified with a minimum achievement of Cert CII.


David McCallum, Brokerbility Group Director, said: “The Brokerbility Academy signals our commitment to promoting professionalism and career opportunities in the insurance sector.”

The Brokerbility Academy website is set to launch next month, hosting recruitment and apprenticeship portals.

Meanwhile, Amanda Blanc, CII president, added: “This demonstrates a commitment to bringing talented people into our profession in a way that will make them want to stay and become the future leaders. Brokerbility should be applauded for building such a great programme.”

Insurance growth action plan boosted by Brokerbility Academy

Brokerbility has launched an academy scheme in a bid to attract people of all ages into the insurance profession as part of the independent broking group's contribution to the government's insurance growth action plan commitment.

The Brokerbility Academy contains a CII accredited apprenticeship programme that offers an alternative to university. Handpicked students from across the UK will be expected to graduate over the course of 15 to 18 months. The first Brokerbility scholarship will be awarded in the form of a higher level training opportunity.

Brokerbility has teamed up with CII accredited learning provider BPP Professional Apprenticeships who will provide practical training and knowledge required for an apprentice to become a productive and an effective member of a team quickly.

This will include both live and recorded sessions as well as face-to-face coaching and mentoring. At the end of the course, each apprentice will be professionally qualified with a minimum achievement of Cert CII.

The new dedicated Brokerbility Academy website will be launched next month and will draw potential recruits and hosts both the academy's recruitment and apprenticeship portals.

Amanda Blanc, former president of the Chartered Insurance Institute, added: “I am delighted to see the launch of such an innovative initiative”.