Insurance Made Simple - The Chartered Insurance Institute working with the profession to simplify the language of insurance
5th July 16

Who is Ciindy?

Insurance is complicated. Luckily, Insurance Made Simple has Ciindy. Ciindy represents the CII, and it’s her job to help the public navigate the world of insurance.
She explains the jargon of how insurance works, and helps visitors to the site understand different insurance policies. Whatever their insurance query, Ciindy has the answer. She’s only satisfied when she’s answered someone’s question to the best of her ability. She really knows her stuff and enjoys helping people out.

About the site

The CII has developed the Insurance Made Simple website to provide easily accessible and straightforward information to anyone wanting to learn about insurance, even down to specific questions, such as 'what is a no claims discount?'
The site’s aim is to show that the insurance profession is increasingly making insurance as clear and simple as possible – encouraging greater consumer confidence.
Visit the site and find out more here:-