Our latest cohort of apprentices and trainees travelled to London for their first workshop since their Induction last year. Hosted by BPP, amongst the business and life skills presented our attendees learnt about:-

  • Personal Branding – what is it and why bother?

  • Selling Yourself – Actions speak louder than words

  • The importance of Effective Communication – Barriers and how to deal with them

  • Apprentice Challenge – What did you learn today?

When asked to describe at least one useful piece of information that they took away from the workshop sessions…

“Always look to do more in the workplace, don't be complacent as if you are willing to take on more responsibilities you are more likely to progress”

“That it is very easy to assume something and for it to be very wrong, I am going to keep an open mind when dealing with things and not make my mind up straight away”

“To think about what people may assume about you and if i should change that perception or not. E.g. posture!”